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Paganism, witchcraft and nature spirituality 101

13 weeks
88 lessons
13 quizzes
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This comprehensive introduction to witchcraft provides everything you need if you are curious about paganism, witchcraft and nature spirituality and looking for one place to begin. I see many new witches, and other people who are curious about their spirituality on Facebook groups, not knowing where to start. The subject is vast and there are so many resources available that it is tough to know whether you are finding information that is correct, and at the right level. It is so overwhelming that some people just don’t ever get started.

This course is put together from an eclectic perspective, giving an overview of all the basic principles across a wide range of practices. This provides a solid platform for you to get started, and to figure out how your own personal practice and learning journey will continue. Many people online will tell you to do loads of research on “all the subjects” and figure it out yourself. I know this is frustrating, and so I have put the basics from my own magical research here. This way, you can do all your research from here, with a structure and guide on how to study.

This course covers all the basic subjects (which are vast), in a simple to understand way with actionable activities, a guide to actually getting started, and direction under each lesson for where to find more in-depth information so you can continue your journey in any area you choose. You will be given a lot of direction on where to find more information, and suggested further reading.

I have categorised the topics in the simplest way I can, and used multiple types of media for all learning types. There is a quiz in each topic to help you to retain the information you have read, and some suggested writing and activities which are optional.

I am an experienced practitioner and an enthusiastic learner who will be there to help and support you in your learning throughout your course. There is no time limit, so you can learn at your own pace. You also have access for as long as my website exists so you can come back as much as you want.

The 13 topics covered in this introduction to witchcraft course are:

  1. Basic principles
  2. Following nature
  3. Community and connection
  4. Self-explorative practice
  5. Gods, guides and guardians
  6. Transfiguration
  7. Divination
  8. Charms and spellcraft
  9. Herbology and potions
  10. Rituals and magical practices
  11. Objects and tools
  12. Starting your practice
  13. Troubleshooting your craft

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