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Counting your blessings

Today is the Autumn equinox, when the days and nights equalise again and the darkness really begins to take over as we head towards the Winter Solstice. It is known in the Pagan Wheel of the year as Mabon, and is a celebration of abundance, harvest and all the blessings… Read More »Counting your blessings

A glossary of terms relating to sex and gender

This article outlines facts about sex and gender in the simple form of a glossary of relevant terms. Please ask as many genuine questions as you like, but please note that any argument against gender diversity, or any form of discrimination or abuse against any of the LGBTQIA+ community will be removed immediately without discussion. You may also be reported and/or blocked.

Why I am not an “autism parent”

I hear many, many parents of autistic children calling themselves “autism parents” and for multiple reasons this is wrong, and offensive, and I want it to stop. Who am I to comment? For context, all four of my children are neurodivergent. Probably, all four of them are autistic. One of… Read More »Why I am not an “autism parent”

I don’t want to belong anymore

I don’t want to belong anymore. In fact, more than that, I don’t want to want to belong anymore. It’s exhausting. I talk often of community, collaboration, family, connection and love. Yet, so often when I find and enter a community, no matter how lovely it seems, I find it… Read More »I don’t want to belong anymore

Changing The name PDA

I had been meaning to write a full article regarding my thoughts on the name for my neurotype “Pathological Demand Avoidance” for a while and then another PDAer, and a friend of mine now, wrote one and so I chose not to. Sally Cat’s article is excellent, raising many different… Read More »Changing The name PDA

The ADHD tax is high

It costs a lot of money being neurodivergent, especially in the ADHD type. That might sound ridiculous but it is so true. It can be financially debilitating and the worst part is, it looks so avoidable to others that there is a shit ton of shame attached to it. Why… Read More »The ADHD tax is high

Dear media consumers… STOP

Dear consumers and families I know it is tempting. I know it detracts from our mundane and sometimes exhausting lives. Watching and often judging the people who have seemingly more fortune than we do in either talent, or luck it seems. We covet the attention, the recognition and sometimes the… Read More »Dear media consumers… STOP