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What do I think?

It is a miracle that I would think to give you my own opinion here. I spent a very long time strongly disliking myself. I would, even a short time ago, have not given a testimonials page because I didn't believe the good things people said. I wouldn't have waited to mislead you. How life changes.

Writing this is testament to the huge change in me that makes me better at my job due to confidence, self worth and a huge understanding of people's real lived experience. So what do I think of myself:

I listen to people, really properly, to understand them deeply. I don't go for the quick fix, I look for long term solutions that support genuine life improvement. I keep it real and don't bullshit anyone. I am hugely empathic and compassionate and make people feel comfortable and loved. People find me easy to open up to. I sometimes suck at getting back to people and need reminding about doing things I said I would do. I get really excited about things and sometimes that gets the better of me. I am passionate about helping people and will go the extra mile. I love a lot, deeply and honestly.

Now the important person has said their piece, this is what other people have said about me:

Emily has a very easy manner, and is friendly and relaxed. Emily made a lot of effort to make me feel comfortable and at ease, and made plenty of time to speak with me.​


Private consultation

pretty much the most badass inspirational awesome change maker I know

Certified Parent Consultant


...inspiring & incredible in equal measure! A beautiful human being...

Delegate from event

Baby Carrying Conference

What do you think?

Positive reviews are actually much more helpful on facebook or LinkedIn, so if you have a minute to hit the icon below and leave a 5 star review on my page or profile, I would be ever so grateful. If you don't do those, or you have less glowing feedback to give, please use the form below. I will always respond to any difficulties you have encountered and will try to put it right. Thank you.