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Consultation services

What is a consultation?

In a consultation, Emily will be the measured ear and voice that any parent needs. With such a breadth of understanding of human development and behaviour, Emily can tease out complex issues and provide an appropriate balance of education and support for whatever you and your child need. Emily's approach ensures positive long term development whilst giving practical shirt-term solutions to meet everyone's needs right now. The types of knowledge and understanding Emily brings to her consultations are listed below.

My services

Email support

One initial email exchange to assess your needs is free of charge. All other email support needs a consultation first to ensure a quality service.

Phone support

Free 15 minute conversations can be booked through CalmFamily, or I charge £30 for up to an hour. Phone support may be included in packages.

Video consultations

In the current situation video consultations can be very helpful. I will also provide resources and supportive materials. £49 for up to two hours.

In-person consultations

Currently unavailable. In-person consultations take place in your home for your comfort. £50 per hour. Most families need at least 2 hours.

​*Travel expenses must be paid in addition to the fee for all in-person consultations. These must be discussed and agreed in advance. As a guide I charge 45p per mile as a return trip from my home in the New Forest.

Add extras to your consultation

Handouts from the CalmFamily collection that are appropriate and helpful

Ongoing support for 7 days by email, text and messenger

Written report following your session outlining the key points of education from your session, any additional information Emily feels will be helpful and an outline of the plan discussed in the session.




What can I talk about?

In general, Emily provides evidence-based education, and support for a calmer experience and more positive long term outcomes and relationships, in regard to birth, parenting for all stages, and being a successful and contented parent yourself. Emily also has a special interest in neurodivergence and equality. More specific areas Emily can cover are:

Pregnancy & Birth

  • Preparing for birth and making choices
  • Birth rights
  • Mindful and calm birth
  • Preparing for parenting including feeding
  • Managing pregnancy
  • Prenatal bonding
  • Caesarean birth
  • Birth after caesarian

Children 5-12 years

  • Managing your child's big feelings and emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Conscious education
  • Autonomous motivation
  • Building brains through parenting style and play
  • Supporting sibling relationships
  • Positive discipline
  • Supporting your child to navigate peer relationships


  • Understanding neurodiversity
  • Understanding different profiles of autism (incl. female)
  • Understanding and supporting ADHD
  • Understanding and supporting PDA
  • Being a neurodivergent parent
  • Understanding and relating to a neurodivergent child
  • Mapping your or your child's suspected neurodivergence

Babies (0-12 month)

  • Babies that won't be put down or cry a lot
  • Infant sleep
  • Infant feeding of all kinds (breast, bottle, expressed etc)
  • Introducing solid food and reducing milk feeds
  • General baby care and calming
  • Infant massage and movement
  • Carrying and handling babies including the safe and appropriate use of slings and carriers

Teenagers 13-19 years

  • Improving your relationship with your teenager
  • Improving your relationship with your adult (for teens)
  • Calmer discipline
  • Neurological and psychological development
  • Increasing emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Supporting teens to navigate peer  relationships
  • Supporting teens to navigate sex and gender
  • Supporting teens with their education and career


  • Tackling child related discrimination
  • Tackling gender related discrimination
  • Tackling neurodiversity related discrimination
  • Tackling sexuality related discrimination
  • Tackling economic inequality
  • Fighting for our planet
  • I can refer regarding race and disability related discrimination

toddlers (1-5 years)

  • Managing big feelings in toddlers
  • Calmer parenting
  • Sleep issues from 12 months to school age
  • Toddler eating
  • Toilet learning
  • Neurological and psychological development
  • Play and learning
  • Carrying and slings

Being a parent

  • Creating calmer relationships
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Co-parenting
  • Setting and maintaining limits with compassion
  • Calming yourself
  • Understanding and managing your parenting triggers
  • Understanding your own neurology
  • Managing sibling relationships


  • Pure neuropsychology
  • Alternative organisational design
  • Autonomous education
  • Managing mental health
  • Mindfulness and yoga
  • Taekwondo
  • Your past, your life, your dreams, your pain.
  • Is there something else you want to talk about?