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Raising neuropsychology

Raising neuropsychology

My special interest is in the interaction between psychology (the study of the mind and human behaviour) and cognitive neuroscience (how the brain functions). I always need to know why. Why why why. So when someone tells me that humans typically behave and develop like this, or that these people's behaviour differs from the norm, I need to know what is happening in the brain.

I always look at the big picture though and cannot understand why some people only look at their area without considering input from other specialisms. It makes even the most experienced and knowledgable "expert", fundamentally narrow minded and stupid. I therefore always like to look at the anthropological, societal, biological, physiological and any other specialism that logically assists in explanation.

My studies are for my own autonomous benefit, however I choose to organise them in a structure that can be recognised externally at an academic standard. My Unschooled, autonomous masters degree covers both a science and arts focus in multiple specialisms.

Broad areas of study

Neuropsychological development

The study of the neurological and psychological development of humanss from conception through maturation and aging.

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Neuropsychological function

The study of neurological structure and cognitive neurological function and its impact on human development, thought and behaviour.

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NeuroDiversity & mental health

The study of how divergent neurological make-up and development impact cognition, behaviour and mood,

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Sociology & anthroplogy

The study of human behaviour in relation to how communities function naturally, and how our current society impacts us.

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Specific areas of interest

Autonomous motivation

I am specifically interested in understanding the fundamental sources of human behaviour and how motivation can be supported.

Play, exploration and curiosity

I seek to fully understand human desire for development, exploration and discovery of new things. The multiple functions of play and exploration fascinate me.

Secure attachment and caregiving

Understanding the extent that secure attachment and our instinct for caregiving are essential to positive human development, cognition and experience in society.

Adverse experiences & resilience

Understanding deeply how adverse experiences impact human behaviour, and how this can be mitigated through neurospsycholoigcal resilience.