Remy Applewood

Remy Applewood is quite an adventurous mouse and is never happier than when he’s playing outside.

Minerva Applewood

Minerva Applewood could quite possibly be the most educated mouse you will ever meet!

Michael Applewood

Michael Applewood is an expert engineer and has been fascinated by anything with wheels since he was a boy.

Christopher Apple-Blossom

Christopher Apple-Blossom is the baker, getting up early each morning to bake fresh bread for the inhabitants of Sylvania.

Jane Apple-Blossom

Jane Apple-Blossom teaches ballet. Her star student is her daughter Justina,

Sebastian Apple-Blossom

Sebastian Apple-Blossom helps his dad in the bakery and has a passion for baking

Justina Apple-Blossom

Justina Apple-Blossom is her mother’s star ballet student and practices all the time.