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Raising a generation

One generation of well-adjusted humans creating society together. That's all we need.

Imagine if

We could make the world a better place

Imagine the world we live in filled with adults that accept and celebrate diversity, have positive relationships, are enthusiastic to learn, self-motivated, resilient and emotionally intelligent.

In this world, where these people are the ones making the decisions, creating our businesses and raising the next generation, equality, empathy and education would inevitably be the foundations of how we live.

Well, you know what?


How we, as a society treat children, directly impacts what society looks like in the future.  By ensuring we change perspectives on childhood, educate people on how humans develop and support people to have calmer interactions with others as equals, we can make that happen in one generation.

and in order to make things better...


Our own behaviour is really all we can change. The biggest changes we ever make to society happen in our homes.  Acting now, in a way that steps out of our past issues and treats children as equals that need empathy, respect and compassion, could change it all. I challenge myself to continually learn and educate others for change.

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Raising a generation

Raising a generation is made up of six main areas of interest. These are where I feel I can make an impact on the future. With a neurological, psychological, anthropological and sociological focus, I work to facilitate a conscious approach to raising:

I want to understand

There is a deep-seated inequality in our society that is pervasive through wealth, gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation and ability. I see this as the driver of almost all of the major issues in the world today.

This inequality has occurred over a long period of time and is so deeply ingrained in our society, that many people cannot see it is there. Every rule, structure, culture and product created, was conceived under a system of oppressors and the oppressed in some form or other. This was built from a place of fear and protection and was built by only a small representation of humanity. A social structure built from one perspective, from which everything else was born. We need to move forward. We need to smash the wheel.

For me this means understanding the true nature of human beings as deeply and diversely as possible and disseminating this information to those who can impact the future of humanity. Those people (to me) are parents, educators  influencers, self-reflectors, entrepreneurs and children. Those people can, with the right knowledge and skills, raise society in a generation to one built with foundations of empathy, instead of fear.

I don’t say this lightly. The first person that needs to adapt, develop and continue to learn is me, and I need to ensure that the way that I educate and support others demonstrates this equality and empathy. ​I must be the change. Humans learn socially.

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Sometimes it feels like I am screaming into a chasm. Does it feel like that to you too? The RAG blog is the place where I just let my brain unload the thoughts and experiences I have, the connections I make and the answers to questions I keep being asked. My learning journal is just that; a record of the work I am doing to formalise my learning into a credible masters programme. And then there is Raising Diverse Voices…. it’s going to get pretty exciting as I create new spaces and stages and allow diversity to happen.

Meet Emily

I am Emily Wilding Fackrell and the raising a generation concept brings together every passion of mine. I want to raise (or level up) the way this generation and the next operate in society, and what they demand for the future. I am a neurodivergent entrepreneur, educator, scholar, writer and parent of four children; whom I am raising with revolution in their hearts, alongside a heavy dose of empathy.

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