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Raising business

Entrepreneurs can raise business to better for society

I believe that as entrepreneurs, we have the capacity to create more widespread social change. Businesses can shape change in the world, and the people in the world who choose to create things and bring people together, are usually change-makers. Although some people become consumed by our current business paradigm of consumerism and capitalism, most entrepreneurs aspire to more. Bill gates wanted to change the way we use computers, Steve Jobs the way we communicate and Mark Zuckerberg, the way we connect with each other. Yes they made money, but it was positively changing how we live that they desired.

We can all choose to change it

​One of the things I believe most strongly is that although what you do and create with your business matters a lot, how you do it matters  more. It matters how we engage with people in society. It matters how we work with the people in our business. It matters how our business impacts minority groups. It matters that our businesses seek to do as little harm as possible to people and to our planet.

If more people decided that they would only operate their business the way they want society to operate, and stopped agreeing to take part in our broken systems that create further inequality in our world, then we could create huge change. Humans learn best from watching other humans - we must BE the change.

My businesses

CalmFamily is a social enterprise and a collaborative community of educators who educate and support families to optimise their  child's development and have calmer lives.

New Forest Slings is a not-for-profit sling library supporting families across the new forest to carry their children through a combination of a hire service and various educational activities.


Waterside Home Ed

The Waterside Home Ed Network is a not-fo-profit community of home educating parents in the Waterside area who collaborate to organise educational activities for their children.

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Kick and connect

Emily is a 3rd Dan black belt and level 2 coach in Taekwondo. Kick and Connect was created to offer specialist coaching for people who benefit from Taekwondo to improve their self-esteem.

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