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Raising voices

I speak to raise diverse voices

I speak because I want to be heard.I speak because I think society needs to hear my words.

I speak because we need more diverse voices in society.

​I speak because when I speak, I empower other voices.

I speak because I feel it is my responsibility to use the privilege that I do have to raise the voices of those who are more deeply oppressed than I am.

​​I speak to raise equality, through deeper understanding of diverse lives.

Teen Raising diverse voices

Part of a global network

"The When Women speak moment is a global network of women coming together on and offline; to listen, be heard and share their stories, because when women speak, extraordinary things happen. When women speak from a place within, we unleash potential; an unstoppable resolve that can move mountains, offer comfort, create a masterpiece, and live a life of integrity and authenticity."


Raising diverse voices is a project, born from the "When Women Speak" movement. It will offer spaces and stages for diverse voices to speak. It doesn't matter what you are there to say, it only matters that you speak and can be heard. The two things I have in mind for now are:An online membership group where you will be empowered, guided and held in a space where you can speak more, differently, in new ways, with little effort, and in which you can listen to diversity.
Events taking place wherever I feel inclined on whatever subject diversity brings to me.

Who is it for?

Child Raising diverse voices
Neuro Raising diverse voices
Raising diverse voices
Teen Raising diverse voices


I am a "When Women Speak" leader; a member of a global network of women leading others to speak, listen, and be heard.
Now I am not excluding male voices at all. Nor am I excluding people of any gender. That is not the point. In fact it would be completely against the point. Please bear with me.
In our society as it stands, regardless of the steps forward we have taken towards gender equality, cis male voices are significantly more heard, validated, valued and influential. This has a huge impact on the way every single part of our society functions and means there is continued and pervasive, embedded gender-bias (as well as many other significant biases that I am not blind to) in literally every part of how we live. Female voices, and those spreading messages which are attributed to a female perspective are considered less valued, are seen and heard less and are ridiculed, simply for being female.
I believe that by elevating the voices of those who are under-represented in society, we ensure a better society for everyone through appropriate representation. If everything we have created to date has been influenced and impacted by one section of society, we need to make some changes. ​