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The Harvey family

Bert Harvey

Bert Harvey opened the Village Store many moons ago with his darling wife Joyes.

Joyes Harvey

Joyes Harvey, like her husband Bert, enjoyed her long working life in the Village Store and misses chatting to the customers.

Perkin Harvey

Perkin Harvey is particular about selecting high quality groceries.

Dorothy Harvey

Dorothy Harvey’s hobby is baking, and she tries baking lots of new recipes on days off.

Austin Harvey

Austin Harvey is good at making schedules and is never late when he has arranged to meet someone.

Zara Harvey

Zara Harvey actively helps her mother.

Liberty Harvey

Liberty Harvey always follows the rules, and her favourite phrase is “let’s take turns!”.

Ashton Harvey

Ashton Harvey loves food, especially if it’s something he’s never seen before.

Lulu Harvey

Lulu Harvey is quite timid, and be easily startled.