A glossary of terms relating to sex and gender

This article outlines facts about sex and gender in the simple form of a glossary of relevant terms. Please ask as many genuine questions as you like, but please note that any argument against gender diversity, or any form of discrimination or abuse against any of the LGBTQIA+ community will be removed immediately without discussion. You may also be reported and/or blocked.

Dear media consumers… STOP

Dear consumers and families I know it is tempting. I know it detracts from our mundane and sometimes exhausting lives. Watching and often judging the people who have seemingly more fortune than we do in either talent, or luck it seems. We covet the attention, the recognition and sometimes the… Read More »Dear media consumers… STOP

We are at war

There is a war happening. It is World War 3… … and hardly anyone has noticed. Do you remember when we used to say “I hope there is no WW3 because we will destroy the planet”. Well we were right and it is happening. The problem is that it is… Read More »We are at war