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The ADHD tax is high

It costs a lot of money being neurodivergent, especially in the ADHD type. That might sound ridiculous but it is so true. It can be financially debilitating and the worst part is, it looks so avoidable to others that there is a shit ton of shame attached to it.
  • Why spend so much on lunches out, and takeaway?
  • Why shopping for just a few days at a time, when it clearly costs more?
  • Why didn’t you take those clothes back, they don’t even fit you?
  • Why didn’t you deal with this when it wasn’t a big deal?
  • You could have ordered those months ago?
  • All you needed to do was call and let them know you weren’t coming?
  • If you just plan out your meals, you can shop cheaply you know!

It goes on and on and on. I used to think…

“God I am such a shit adult, mother, employee, director, partner, human. Everyone around me deserves so much better. I fuck everything up and it costs us so much money.”

“Why can’t I just do what everyone else does?”

Now I know that I can’t. It is not my fault that my brain CANNOT do things that way.
Do I stop trying? NO.
Am I now kinder to myself when I fuck things up? Mostly. Am I accepting that this is how I am wired and it costing a load of money sucks but it just is what it is. Yes.
The guilt I feel to those around me that this impacts is real and the actual financial cost, is high.

By Emily Wilding


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